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CrossFit is a trainingsmethod in which we use movements from multiple sportdisciplines (like weightlifting, gymnastics, track, kettlebell, etc.) and then combine these movements into short workouts with high intensity. The goal is not only to become better athletes, but also to get better at all our daily activities. We focus on functionality and make sure no two training sessions are the same. This way we make sure that CrossFit is the best way to build a fit body and mind that you can use outside of the gym. Not only will you become faster, stronger, more flexible and healthier, you will get more confident in everything that you do.

Not an experienced athlete? Perfect! Don't worry, CrossFit is for everybody. We make sure that everybody can do the workouts at their own level. 



Pack Mentality CrossFit

Pack Mentality CrossFit is not a gym that's only for experienced athletes. Whether you're young or old, fit or unfit, you're more than welcome to join us. We adjust all of our workouts individually to make sure you get what you want and need. This goes for our personal training sessions, but also our groupclasses. This way everyone can feel comfortable working out in his/her own way. Our coaches and the other athletes will be there to guide you and make sure you get everything out of every single workout you do. We are in this together. We love this stuff and we're confident that you will too.


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Ever since I was little I was a sports fanatic. After more than 12 years of judo and 9 years of jiu-jitsu, I always kept deepening my knowledge of strength- and conditioning. When I found CrossFit in 2014, I was like a little kid in a candystore. Soon my passion as an athlete changed into a passion for coaching. Opening my own gym felt like a "no-brainer". Right now I am focusing on my growth as an athlete and a coach, while looking for more and more people to help in reaching their fitness goals.


About 15 years ago I started coaching and training the soccer youth. In my life after soccer, I had been looking for a new sport to enjoy. Through sports like running, fitness, obstacle course and boxing, I stumbled upon CrossFit. For me, CrossFit is the most "complete" sport there is. When the opportunity to become a CrossFit coach presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. Even before Pack Mentality CrossFit opened its doors, I knew it would be the right place for me to develop as a coach and as an athlete. Now, my two passions, CrossFit and coaching, have come together and this I enjoy every single day.


At a very young age you could always find me on the hockey field. After playing hockey for 10 years and coaching hockey to younger generations for years, my enthousiasm for sports never dissapeared. My whole time as a student in Leiden I worked in a gym. Soon after finding CrossFit and being crazy about it, I became a CrossFit coach. I love CrossFit, it gives me all the challenges I was looking for as an athlete. Using Pack Mentality CrossFit as a platform, I can now, as a coach, help others reach their goals as well.





This CrossFit membership will give you access to every class we have to offer. The WODs, all specialty classes and open gym



Acces to the WODs, twice a week



Everything the Premium membership offers, but for a reduced price for students only



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Kabelbaan 12a

2352BL Leiderdorp

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